Our History

Our mission is to improve the health of mothers and newborns by 1) training health providers in the basics of breastfeeding management with a lactation simulation model and 2) empowering parents to learn breastfeeding techniques with MomKit, a mobile health app.

In March 2014, we won the University of Michigan School of Public Health Innovation in Action competition in the “Empowering the Underserved” category. Soon after, we founded LiquidGoldConcept.

 While working in Brazil, Anna learned that mothers and health providers can use various breast massage techniques to alleviate common breastfeeding problems.

We believe that mothers and health professionals in the United States deserve to know that effective breastfeeding techniques can alleviate pain, increase milk production, prevent engorgement, and help infants latch. Unfortunately, physicians and nurses do not receive adequate training in breastfeeding, thus, they cannot support parents with breastfeeding initiation or maintenance.

Today, we are solving these problems with two unique products:

  1. A lactation simulation model (hardware) that allows for comprehensive health provider training in breastfeeding techniques and counseling in an interactive and confidence-building environment.
  2. MomKit, a mobile health app (software), that provides customized skills training by matching each user’s breast shape and skin color with Pixar-style animations to teach parents breastfeeding techniques–from breast massage to latch and finger feeding.

Together, these products will allow us to effectively train health providers and empower parents.hometohospitaltohome-001

Contact anna@liquidgoldconcept.com for more information about our work, media inquiries, or product pricing.