2016 Citris Tech for Social Good Award

We are honored to have received the 2016 Citris Tech for Social Good award!

We will use the award to move forward with MomKit development and testing so that we can present our work at the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Conference in October 2016.

Thank you to Capital City Doula Collective and California Women, Infants, and Children Association for supporting our application to this grant!

These are three problems LiquidGoldConcept products  (lactation simulation model and MomKit) can solve:

Problem #1

Poor social support in the community and at the workplace

Women with a support system—parents, partners, friends, community—breastfeed for longer periods of time. Employers who invest in breastfeeding see a 3:1 return on investment due to decreased absenteeism and increased workplace productivity.1,2,3,4

Problem #2

Few health care providers trained in breastfeeding support or management

In 2013, there were only 3.5 international board certified lactation consultants per 1000 newborns in the United States.5 Physicians and nurses are rarely trained in breastfeeding management and are unable to support breastfeeding

families.6, 7 , 8, 9, 10

Problem #3

Underutilization of technology in breastfeeding

Technology has improved many aspects of health and health care—from electronic medical records to Fitbit health monitoring. Breastfeeding is the next innovation frontier, as can be seen from recent successful start-ups like LatchMe, Naya HealthEmbrace Family Health, Mamava, and Breastfeeding Help @ Home.

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-Anna, CEO