AMA Healthier Nation Innovation Challenge

We submitted our proposal to incorporate breastfeeding training into the medical and nursing education in the United States to the AMA Healthier Nation Innovation Challenge competition!

We would LOVE to hear what you have to say about our work–there is an interactive feedback opportunity embedded in the AMA Healthier Nation Challenge Website.

Words can’t describe how empowered mothers and fathers feel when they can use breast massage to relieve plugged ducts and continue breastfeeding successfully. If we can crowd-source, validate, and scale breastfeeding knowledge and techniques from around the world, the health, economic, and environmental benefits will be astounding. This is the vision that drives LiquidGoldConcept. Any support will bring us that much closer to making this a reality.

We need to be in the top 5 to be able to attend the AMA conference in June and present our project in front of hundred of physicians and leaders medical innovation!

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Benefits of Breast Massage

  1. At the hospital, patients will feel supported by their healthcare team because all team members are trained in breastfeeding initiation and management.
  2. At home, parents will feel empowered because the LiquidGoldConcept Breast Massage Knowledge Bank allows for customized breastfeeding skills development, expert feedback, and community-engagement.
  3. Environmentally-conscious families who learn how to use breast massage can reduce their carbon and landfill footprint because mothers who breastfeed exclusively do not menstruate (thus do not need to purchase female sanitary products) and do not need to purchase or dispose of infant formula containers.
  4. At work, mothers who use breast massage while pumping can express twice the amount of milk per session than mothers who just pump. This increase in efficiency will improve workplace productivity and decrease stress and guilt associated with pumping breaks.


Thank you!

Anna, CEO