We invited a grandmother to sit down with one of our Lactation Simulation Models and captured her first impression. In this video, she uses the LSM to practice breastmilk hand expression, and discusses the challenges she faced when breastfeeding her children. She talks about how resources were – and still are – scarce for working breastfeeding parents, and how she struggled to get her children to drink enough when she was breastfeeding. Today, new parents face the same issues. 

LAist asked for breastfeeding stories on their website and received over 100 responses. Consistent themes included:

  • Trouble with breastfeeding at some point 
  • Needing help with breastfeeding after leaving the hospital
  • Ultimately succeeding in breastfeeding goals with support from other women (a sister, mother, friend, nurse, lactation specialist, support group or online community).

In one story submitted to LAist, a mother talked about how she “didn’t know how to make [her baby] latch correctly, and I ended with my nipples wounded and [sore].”

In another submission, a breastfeeding mother said she got mastitis, milk blebs, and thrush.

Improving breastfeeding education for healthcare providers can help give parents the knowledge and confidence to reach their breastfeeding goals. According to the 2011 Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding, “Successful initiation depends on experiences in the hospital as well as access to instruction on lactation from breastfeeding experts, particularly in the early postpartum period. Most problems, if identified and treated early, need not pose a threat to the continuation of successful breastfeeding.”

LiquidGoldConcept’s Essential and Advanced Lactation Simulation Models (LSM) are breastfeeding simulators available in four skin tones, feature a variety of nipple shapes and sizes, and allow learners to practice identifying and managing common breastfeeding issues. The LSMs are the all-in-one breastfeeding training tool for parents, students, and healthcare providers. 



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