When breastfeeding parents’ partners are knowledgeable and involved in the breastfeeding experience, there is evidence of increased breastfeeding success. According to Effectiveness of targeting fathers for breastfeeding promotion: systematic review and meta-analysis, published by BioMed Central Public Health, “When fathers are educated on breastfeeding, due to their support, better positioning and attachment of the baby to the breast during feeding would be facilitated. Lesser lactation-related problems would ensure not opting for the formula milk.”

Dr. Nigel Sherriff from the University of Brighton, has researched further benefits of supportive partners. In an interview by Healthline, he states, “Breastfeeding is bloody hard and sometimes it’s just simply about being around. 3 a.m. nursing can be quite a miserable [and] lonely place — it can be nice just having someone there to talk to.” 

Breastfeeding parents without partners are encouraged to find friends, family members, and outside groups to build a support group. Suzanne Long, a mother from London, was also interviewed by Healthline, where she talks about finding a breastfeeding cafe at a local children’s center, which encouraged “laid back” breastfeeding. She said, “It helped with my little one’s reflux as it keeps them upright — and gave me my hands back.”

LiquidGoldConcept’s breastfeeding simulator – the Lactation Simulation Model – is a realistic, hands-on training tool meant to promote breastfeeding education among healthcare providers and lactation consultants, as well as among parents in prenatal and lactation classes. Our goal is to increase breastfeeding awareness, confidence, and skills so in return breastfeeding parents and partners receive the best care possible.



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