Teach students, patients, and health providers about 50 different breast health and lactation scenarios with 10 single silicone breast models – The Breast Health Training Tool Collection

Breast Health and Lactation Clinical Scenarios

The Breast Health Training Tool (BHTT) collection is designed to enhance the Lactation Simulation Model learning experience with realistic medical illustration of common benign, malignant, autoimmune, and infectious breast health and lactation scenarios on 4 different skin tones.

Sample Training Scenario: “Pumping is very painful”

Questions for LearnersPumping is very painful

What are the notable features of the nipple-areolar complex? Describe what you observe. What aspects of breast pump setup and use may have caused this presentation? How can this patient optimize her pumping experience? Would you change your discussion if there were blood in her milk?

Topics and Skills

History-taking and breast exam (lactation), breast milk expression and storage, flange-sizing, optimal pumping strategies