Breastfeeding Medicine Map

The Breastfeeding Medicine Physicians Map is an open-access platform for patients and health providers to discover and connect with physicians and other health professionals who care for breastfeeding patients.

Interested in adding your practice to the Breastfeeding Medicine Map? Here’s how:

1. Visit the edit-able Breastfeeding Medicine Map here.

Search for your Breastfeeding Medicine Practice | Breastfeeding Medicine Physicians Map

Search for your practice

2. Search for your health clinic, hospital, or street address in the search bar on the map. Once it appears, hit enter or click on the correct location. This will cause a pin to drop on the map.

Add your practice to the map| Breastfeeding Medicine Physicians Map

Add your practice to the map

3. On the box that appears above the pin, select the + “Add to Map”

Enter your practice details | Breastfeeding Medicine Physicians Map

Enter your practice details

4. Then, select the pencil to edit the information displayed on the map – this should include your name, credentials, and the name of your clinic or hospitals.


Note: If there are multiple professionals in the same practice, you can both be added to the map by selecting slightly different locations on the map (i.e. one person uses the name of the practice to drop the pin, one person uses the street address to drop the pin, etc.)