Brittany McQueer – Teacher, Doula, Public Health Professional

I am a teacher, a doula, and I’m in public health. After spending five years teaching biology and chemistry to high schoolers in Phoenix, Arizona I decided to needed to make a career change. I was very inspired by the teen pregnancy rate in my school and finding a way to make that transition better for those young families. When I learned about the non-medical, education based, support role of a birth and postpartum doula, I knew this could be my path. I have over a decade of infant nanny experience and am commonly called upon to assist my friends and family with their transformative years of parenting. My greatest passions in life are for education and babies – Public Health is the space where I can make those two things mesh.

One of the most prevalent conversations I have with mamas is about breastfeeding. Breastfeeding support is one of the responsibilities I take on under the doula’s scope of practice, according to my training through DONA International. We are not medical professionals or trained in advanced breastfeeding skills but doulas serve as potentially the only person who has continuity of care for a mama. We are the individuals who are regularly checking on and assessing the breastfeeding relationship. LiquidGoldConcept helps me to be involved in the breastfeeding world to gain education on the topic in a more advanced way then I previously have had. And ultimately be able to share that same education with families. Just in the short time that I have spent working with the team I have already used this knowledge to enhance my business and the lives of my clients.

My ultimate goal is to use my background and my passions to gain skills in the interdisciplinary world of public health, especially as it related to maternal and child health. I am a maternal and child public health education student at the University of Michigan. My previous experiences teaching set me up for success in pedagogy, my current health behavior and health education training will provide me with extra communication tools, and LiquidGoldConcept provides me with relevant content to support my ambitions.