How to inspire young women to pursue research and entrepreneurial careers in the health sciences?

Anna Sadovnikova, the CEO of LGC and a first year MD/PhD student at UC Davis, attended a UC Davis American Women’s Association (AMWA) sponsored medical student panel in November 2015. Over 25 undergraduate women, all members of the Pre-Medical AMWA Club at UC Davis, attended the event. Anna discussed her pathway to the physician scientist-entrepreneur career and the mission of LGC – A breastfeeding education and technology start-up.

One of the questions that was asked of Anna during the event was: “Do I have to do research to get into medical school?” Many of the undergraduates expressed dissatisfaction with their previous or current research endeavors, describing the experience as “boring, repetitive, [and] unnecessary.” In 2006, Lopatto et al. found that a research experience during undergraduate training positively influences a student’s independence, intrinsic motivation to learn, and active participation in courses taken after the summer undergraduate research experience. Anecdotal evidence from the AMWA event, as well as Anna’s own experience with research in undergraduate, shows that as an undergraduate student in the pre-medical pathway, it is rare that one’s research experience is stimulating, creative, and exciting.

Thus, an opportunity to learn about a field in-depth, to be a part of the startup culture (a non-traditional setting for a pre-medical student), and to perform creative, exciting, and gratifying research outside of a laboratory may be the key to developing future physician-scientist-entrepreneurs in the United States. 

For this reason, LiquidGoldConcept launched the Breastfeeding Research Internship. The goal is to inspire young women to pursue research and entrepreneurial careers in the health sciences.