Introducing Marian and Kirat

Over the course of six months, a LiquidGoldConcept intern and a member of our community teamed up to capture the breastfeeding experience from the perspective of a second-time mom. LiquidGoldConcept Intern Kirat Sandhu spent several hours interviewing Marian*, a California Mom, over the course of six months. The interviews started while Marian was still pregnant with her second child and ended when the child was four months old.

Kirat is a recent graduate from UC Davis with a degree in Medical Microbiology. Marian discovered LiquidGoldConcept after listening to Co-founder Anna’s Reply All episode where she described breast massage techniques she learned in Brazil. Marian contacted us and together we decided that we could learn from each other. As Marian was preparing to deliver and breastfeed her second child, she graciously allowed us to join her for this amazing journey!

The information chronicled in this mini-blog series not only helps our intern learn more about breastfeeding, but also it allows for moms to share their successes and challenges with breastfeeding.

We hope that you will enjoy going on this journey with Marian and that you will also share your positive and challenging breastfeeding experiences in the Comments section below.

To get started, check out Marian’s experience with Birthing Diana*, her first child, and how it influenced her breastfeeding practices.

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Written by: Kirat Sandhu
LiquidGoldConcept, Intern
Edited by Ileisha Sanders, mother of 2
LiquidGoldConcept, Co-founder

*Names changed to protect privacy

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