Introducing: MomKit


We are really excited to announce that what was formerly called “The Breast Massage Knowledge Bank” is now–MomKit, the breast massage tool kit!

Thank you so much to our crowdfunding campaign supporters:

Lisa Amir

Sharon Mitchell


Heather Hughes

Sarah Emerson

Lawrence J Udell

Tatiana Ecoiffier

Susan Thomspon

Janet Koehler-Roop

Courtney Friedman, BSN, RN

Susan Cetlin

Erica Burdo

Wayne Koehler

Geordie Casey

Tiffani Sharp

Fullstack Labs

Ann Verhey-Henke

Jeanne Taylor

And two more anonymous backers!

Thanks to your contributions totaling $1,425, we have been able to hire FullStack Labs, a design/development firm in Sacramento, CA to collaborate with us on the first prototype of MomKit.

Do you want to user-test it? Click HERE to participate in the design process!

Thank you!

The LiquidGoldConcept Team