Earn your Lactation Telehealth Specialist Certificate

Looking for a program where you can acquire and confirm your clinical competence in lactation telehealth?

What is Included?

  • Clinically-rigorous training through live clinical practice over video call (i.e., telesimulations) with standardized patients
  • Independent study modules covering 24 topics in essential and advanced lactation management
  • Self-directed learning with access for 6 months
  • Lactation Telehealth Specialist Certificate

Upon successful completion of this program, you will be able to demonstrate to your patients and/or employer that you have a high degree of proficiency and competence in providing lactation support in a telehealth setting.

This program addresses the following gaps in education when working to integrate telehealth into your practice:

  1. Health professionals are not trained in virtual care delivery, which means they are not prepared to provide empathetic and culturally-competent care in the telehealth setting
  2. Lactation specialists are used to “hands-on” lactation support and find it challenging to communicate skills and techniques that are easily “shown” in an in-person encounter
  3. 100% of all other continuing education training is in the form of an online webinar or equivalent form of “passive learning”, which is not an effective way to build, practice, and ensure clinical competence
  4. Lactation and maternal-child health professionals are rarely exposed to a diversity of clinical situations during their formal training in prenatal and postpartum care, leaving them unprepared to provide high quality support to parents with complex medical histories and presenting issues

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