Learn Essential Breastfeeding Skills with the Lactation Simulation Models

Hand Expression of Colostrum

Breastfeeding initiation in the first 24 hours after delivery is critical to ensuring long-term success. Learning breast milk hand expression with the Lactation Simulation Models builds mothers’ confidence and ensures the newborn is exclusively breastfed from the beginning.




Comprehensive Perinatal Breast Exam Training

Physicians and nurses can learn to identify and manage common lactation-related conditions like milk blebs, ectopic tissue, and mastitis. Learning about common, unusual, or abnormal nipple shapes and breast pathologies ensures health providers can help mothers meet their breastfeeding goals.




Breast Massage & Pumping Techniques

Many mothers stop breastfeeding due to breast pain or low milk production. The LiquidGoldConcept LSM is the only breastfeeding simulator that can be used to practice alleviating plugged ducts or engorgement. Health providers can support working mothers by teaching them hands-on pumping techniques with the LSM.




Practice Culturally-Competent Breastfeeding Counseling Skills

Over half of all infants in the United States qualify for support from the USDA WIC program. Healthcare providers and students need to feel comfortable and confident in their ability to support families from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds.