On-demand, live, virtual encounters with standardized patients

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The Lactation QBank is designed for learners of all levels to build clinical decision-making, technical, and counseling skills relevant to lactation support. Learners will complete unfolding case scenarios and on-demand telesimulations with standardized patients to build mastery in clinical lactation skills.

What is a standardized patient?

  • A highly-trained actor
  • Follows the same script for each case scenario
  • Provides tailored, structured feedback on communication and interpersonal skills
  • Wears the LiquidGoldConcept Lactation Simulation Model for the learner to practice breast/chest assessment and clinical lactation skills

What should a learner expect?

  • Complete case-based multiple choice questions in preparation for encounter with a standardized patient
  • Schedule an appointment with a standardized patient
  • Engage in a 20 minute encounter with a standardized patient to help them with their lactation concern
  • Receive 10 minutes of feedback from the standardized patient on communication and interpersonal skills
  • Document the visit using a provided template and submit to board-certified lactation consultant for feedback on clinical decision making skills

Your first live, virtual encounter with a standardized patient is 50% off!

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