The Only Expert Validated Breastfeeding Simulator

In collaboration with the Institute for the Advancement of Breastfeeding and Lactation Education and the University of Michigan, the LiquidGoldConcept team completed a series of validation studies and published the results in the International Breastfeeding Journal. The Lactation Simulation Model (LSM) is the only expert-validated breastfeeding simulator on the market. Breastfeeding medicine experts, physicians, nurses, and students agree that the LSM is a useful tool for teaching students, parents, and health providers the skills necessary for breastfeeding success. Click here to learn more about our research studies.

Comprehensive, All-in-One Education

LiquidGoldConcept is a leading provider of breastfeeding education for all audiences. Baby-Friendly Hospitals, WIC clinics, and nurse and physician training programs use the Lactation Simulation Models and the Breast Health Training Tool to teach essential and advanced breastfeeding skills to parents, providers, and students.


LiquidGoldConcept’s wearable breastfeeding simulator, the Lactation Simulation Model (LSM) allows students, parents, and providers to become comfortable positioning their bodies and performing breastfeeding management and assisting others.

LiquidGoldConcept Skin Tone Options
(From left to right: A, B, C, and D)

Culturally-Competent Breastfeeding Support

All LiquidGoldConcept products are offered in four different skin tones. Our customers value the importance of providing patient-centered breastfeeding support to parents from diverse cultural backgrounds.

LiquidGoldConcept Products

The Lactation Simulation Model (LSM)

The Lactation Simulation Model is a realistic, wearable, comprehensive breastfeeding simulator that can help your students, health providers, and patients master breast assessment and lactation management skills.

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The Breast Health Training Tool (BHTT) Collection

Use the Breast Health Training Tool (BHTT) Collection to enhance your learners’ experience with the Lactation Simulation Models. The BHTT demonstrates over 50 breast health and lactation clinical scenarios including infections, pumping and latching damage, rashes, and potential signs of malignancy.

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