November 2018

Local Ann Arbor newspaper, Concentrate Media, published an article detailing the inception of LiquidGoldConcept and why we are committed to improving breastfeeding around the world.

LiquidGoldConcept attended the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Conference in San Francisco, CA. The Lactation Simulation Model was featured in a Breast Assessment workshop let by Drs. Katrina Mitchell, Anne Eglash, Kimberly Stone, and Lauren Hanley.

The LiquidGoldConcept Lactation Simulation Model (LSM) was used in a Breast Assessment Workshop at the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Annual Meeting.

October 2018

University of Michigan School of Public Health interns present their experience working with LiquidGoldConcept in Summer 2018.

LiquidGoldConcept attended the American Association of Birth Centers Conference in Fort Worth, TX.

UM SPH Interns Brittany McQueer (left), Meghan Watkins (right), and Shadi Larson (not pictured) present on their experience at the October 2018 poster session

University of Michigan School of Public Health interns present their experience working with LiquidGoldConcept in Summer 2018.

September 2018

LiquidGoldConcept attended the AWHONN NY Regional Conference in Tarrytown, NY.

August 2018

Sam Chuisano, Director of Sales, and the LiquidGoldConcept team celebrate Black Breastfeeding Week by visiting the Black Mother’s Breastfeeding Association (BMBFA) Summit and talking to parents about increasing breastfeeding success using a realistic breastfeeding simulator, the Lactation Simulation Model (LSM). spotlights LiquidGoldConcept’s work to enhance breastfeeding education with comprehensive, hands-on training tools in “Lactation Simulation Model Trains for Breast Feeding & More for Parents, Students & Providers.

LiquidGoldConcept on

June 2018

LGC travels to Tampa for the AWHONN Conference, CEO Anna presents our research integrating breastfeeding education into the midwifery program at the University of Michigan School of Nursing using realistic breastfeeding simulators, the LiquidGoldConcept Lactation Simulation Models. See her presentation here.

The LiquidGoldConcept team travels to INACSL’s 2018 Conference to showcase the on Lactation Simulation Model, our comprehensive hands on training tool!

May 2018

At the ACNM 2018 Conference, LGC presents lessons learned from our pilot study integrating the Lactation Simulation Model in hands-on breastfeeding education with midwifery students at the University of Michigan. Learn more about using comprehensive, hands-on training tools for lactation education on our poster!

February 2018

CEO Anna traveled to Monterrey, Mexico for ACCLAM’s 2018 Summit to share our work with comprehensive hands-on training using a realistic simulator, the Lactation Simulation Model.

January 2018

LGC debuts the LSM Case Scenario Series, a step-by-step guide for using the breastfeeding simulator for hands-on lactation education and teaching parents, students, and health providers the “Basics of Breastfeeding” Management skills.

CEO Anna presents preliminary results from our validation study with medical residents at the University of Michigan in the abstract titled Lactation Simulation Model: Hands-On Breastfeeding Medicine Training at IMSH in Los Angeles, CA.

Anna Sadovnikova, CEO and interns Suhail Sidhu and Dalia Kaakour, MS presented their research at the California Breastfeeding Coalition Summit in San Diego. We led a workshop for attendees on “How to choose the “right” breastfeeding app.”