February 2020

LiquidGoldConcept’s manuscript Development and evaluation of a high-fidelity lactation simulation model for health professional breastfeeding education detailing the four-phase validation of the Lactation Simulation Model by OB/GYN and family medicine residents, nurse-midwifery students, and breastfeeding medicine physicians was published in the International Breastfeeding Journal.

“For breastfeeding rates to improve, mothers need support from their nurses, midwives, pediatricians, obstetricians and gynecologists, and all healthcare staff who interact with pregnant and lactating women. Clinical education with high-fidelity breastfeeding simulators could be the ideal learning modality for trainees and hospital staff to build confidence in clinical lactation skills. The ability of a high-fidelity breastfeeding simulator to increase a learner’s lactation knowledge and psychomotor skills acquisition, retention, and transfer to patient care still needs to be tested.”

The 2018 Lactation Simulation Model Prototype

2018 Lactation Simulation Model

January 2020

LiquidGoldConcept attended the California Breastfeeding Summit in Sacramento and showcased the ability to use our realistic breastfeeding simulators – the Essential LSM, the Advanced LSM, and the BHTT for teaching health professional students, hospital or WIC staff, and patients essential breastfeeding management skills like hand expression of colostrum, breast massage for alleviating plugged ducts and engorgement, and breast assessment to practice identifying and managing common breast conditions like breast infection, ectopic breast tissue, low milk production, and damage on a flat or pinched nipple from a poor latch.

LiquidGoldConcept at California Breastfeeding Coalition Summit in Sacramento