November 2017

LiquidGoldConcept presents results of the University of Michigan Pediatric, Obstetric, and Family Medicine

Resident LSM Validation Trial (Phase 1) in Atlanta, GA at the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Conference!

3 Tips for Aspiring Public Health Entrepreneurs” by CEO, Anna, published on the University of Michigan School of Public Health blog

CEO Anna (left) and Lisa Hammer, MD, IBCLC (right) exhibiting LSMs at the ABM Conference in Nov 2017.

July 2017

The LiquidGoldConcept debuts the Lactation Simulation Model at ILCA 2017 in Toronto!

University of Michigan’s Innovate Blue put their spotlight on CEO Anna for her recognized work for during the Innovation in Action competition. This helped lead to the creation of LiquidGoldConcept!

April 2017

Anna Sadovnikova, CEO, featured in University of Michigan School of Public Health Alumni newsletter.

February 2017

Anna Sadovnikova, CEO, and the American Medical Women’s Association at UC Davis organized a symposium for young women (ages 12-25) to learn about opportunities in entrepreneurship and research in the STEM fields.

January 2017

Anna Sadovnikova, CEO and interns Anita Gunaseelan, Kirat Sandhu, and Angela Nguyen presented their research at the California Breastfeeding Coalition Summit in Los Angeles. We led a workshop for attendees on “How to use the internet, smartphones, and digital health to improve the breastfeeding experience.”

Congratulations to all three interns on a successful first conference!

Kirat Sandhu presented her work on how digital marketing strategies can be applied to improve the reach of breastfeeding organizations.

Anita Gunaseelan presented her analysis of breastfeeding smartphone apps.

Angela Nguyen presented her review of lactation support services in the tech industry.

Kirat, Anna, Anita, Angela (Left to Right)