Active learning with a live mock patient in a video call.

Earn 2 clinical hours or 2.0 CERPs per hour of telesimulation.

*LiquidGoldConcept is an approved provider of CERPs (IBCLE Verification #C2002262)

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On-Demand Telesimulation™ helps learners build mastery in clinical lactation.


  • IBCLC candidates looking for up to 39 CERPs or 56 clinical hours*

  • IBCLC candidates in pathways 1, 2, or 3 who need clinical hours

  • CLCs that need of 18 hours of continuing education

  • 25 hours of lactation specific education plus skills attestation for CLC candidates (Aggregate Pathway)

*CERPs and clinical hours cannot be combined. LiquidGoldConcept is an approved provider of CERPs (IBCLE Verification #C2002262)


  • Nursing and medical students
  • Physician residents
  • Staff at hospitals applying for Baby-Friendly designation or redesignation

  • Virtual OSCE simulation training

  • WIC staff training

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