I’d Like to be Added to the IBCLC Pathway 3 Accelerator Waiting List

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The LiquidGoldConcept Pathway 3 Accelerator will guarantee two things:
1) The opportunity to complete 103 lactation-specific educational hours through virtual consults with standardized patients (i.e, telesimulations), virtual parent education workshops, and written support to parents in a Facebook group.
2) an IBCLC mentor who will supervise the student’s existing or planned consults with pregnant, breast/chestfeeding, and lactating families.

How does it work?

  1. Apply and Get Approved by IBLCE
  2. Complete 100+ lactation-specific education hours via virtual consults with Standardized Patients
  3. Receive Your Lactation Simulation Model and NORALSim Latching Simulator
  4. Complete 500 Supervised Clinical Hours with our IBCLC Mentors
  5. Receive Ongoing Support from LiquidGoldConcept with Job Placement and Mentorship
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