The Pathway 3 Global Mentorship Program was created to address common challenges encountered by those seeking their IBCLC credential:

  1. Finding an IBCLC mentor is challenge #1 for any aspiring IBCLC. This has created a lack of access to the profession and as a result mothers, parents, and infants often have inadequate access to the professional assistance they need.
  2. Even more challenging, is finding a diverse group of IBCLC mentors to learn from. Lack of diversity can result in biased training experiences from a single IBCLC who may not always be practicing in the most evidence-based way.
  3. It is extremely difficult to get exposure to diverse patient settings and situations. Because of this, IBCLC candidates are often left feeling poorly prepared to support dyads.

What is included in this program: 

  • 103 hours of clinically-rigorous training through telesimulations with standardized patients, independent study modules, and group discussions (Lactation Education + Communication Hours) over 4 months.
  • Mentorship from diverse IBCLCs with two virtual face-to-face interactions per month & unlimited text-based support for the supervision of each student’s independent lactation practice for 12 months. The IBCLC mentor will supervise the student’s existing or planned consults with pregnant, breast/chestfeeding, and lactating families.
  • A global network of peers seeking their IBCLC crediential and practicing IBCLCs forming the Alumni Success program
  • Certification as an Advanced Lactation Specialist (cALS)
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