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Lactation qBank

On-Demand Telesimulation™

On-Demand Telesimulation™ is a remote simulation-based learning experience in maternal-child care for healthcare professionals and trainees. Learners complete unfolding case scenarios and telesimulations with a standardized patient wearing a LSM to build confidence in providing maternal-child support in telehealth and in-person settings

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LiquidGoldConcept Products

Lactation Simulation Models in 4 diverse skin tones

The Lactation Simulation Model (LSM)

The Lactation Simulation Model is a realistic, wearable, comprehensive breastfeeding simulator that can help your students, health providers, and patients master breast assessment and lactation management skills.

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Newborn Oral Assessment and Latch Simulator

The Newborn Oral Assessment and Latch Simulator

Introducing the LiquidGoldConcept Newborn Oral Assessment and Latch Simulator (NORALSim): the world’s first realistic, expert-validated newborn simulator for breastfeeding education. The NORALSim weighs, feels, and moves like a real newborn: 7 pounds, 22 inches long, with soft skin and a lack of neck control. And just like a real newborn, the NORALSim can be breastfed in a shallow latch or the NORALSim can be used to demonstrate what deep, asymmetric attachment looks like on the breast.

Expecting and new parents, nursing and medical students, and hospital and clinic staff can finally practice latching a baby and recognizing incorrect breastfeeding techniques!

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Breast Health Training Tool Collection 10 breast illustrations

The Breast Health Training Tool (BHTT) Collection

Use the Breast Health Training Tool (BHTT) Collection to enhance your learners’ experience with the Lactation Simulation Models. The BHTT demonstrates over 50 breast health and lactation clinical scenarios including infections, pumping and latching damage, rashes, and potential signs of malignancy.

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