Assessing Application-Based Breastfeeding Education for Physicians and Nurses: A Scoping Review

Authors: Samantha A. Chuisano MPH, Olivia S. Anderson, PhD, MPH, RD

Background: Physicians and nurses are expected to support breastfeeding mothers. However, there is a lack of standardized breastfeeding education throughout training programs and hospitals. As a result, providers lack the necessary confidence and skills to guide mothers throughout the breastfeeding experience. The hands-on nature of breastfeeding management demands the implementation of application-based learning tools to improve skills retention and patient breastfeeding outcomes.

  • Target learning groups: nursing students, residents, medical professionals
  • 10 peer-reviewed studies from the nursing and medical fields were reviewed

Objective: To critically assess the types of application-based breastfeeding management learning tools reported within medical and nursing professions and the evaluation methods of learner and patient outcomes.

Frequency of Teaching Methods Across Studies
Other study data