Developed by:

Olivia S. Anderson, PhD, MPH, RD – Clinical Asst Professor, University of Michigan, School of Public Health, Nutritional Sciences Dept

Anna Sadovnikova, IBCLC, MA, MPH – CEO, LiquidGoldConcept

With the support of this ATMCH Innovative Teaching Award, collaborators designed an online case-based, asynchronous educational platform (on Canvas Commons) designed for repetitive practice in a safe, confidence-building virtual environment. Learners master topics in clinical lactation through a scaffolded, interactive approach in which contextualized multiple-choice questions are embedded into unfolding patient case scenarios to strengthen skills in diagnostic reasoning & patient management in preparation for 1:1 telesimulations with a standardized patient (SP). Because this course is in Canvas Commons, anyone can create a Canvas account (free of charge) & upload the entire course into their Canvas site.