Breastfeeding simulation in a US-based OBGYN and family medicine residency program


Perinatal care providers such as OBGYN and family medicine physicians are essential to promoting breastfeeding. Physician residents should learn to help a woman initiate breastfeeding, manage issues with breastfeeding, evaluate positioning and attachment of the infant, and assist with hand expression of colostrum. Standardized patients and role playing is used by some physician residency programs to prepare students to assist breastfeeding families, however, the impact of a realistic breastfeeding simulator on physician resident education has not been published. In 2017, the LiquidGoldConcept Lactation Simulation Model (LSM) prototype was incorporated into a hands-on breastfeeding workshop at the University of Michigan.

2017 Lactation Simulation Model Prototype

The 2017 Lactation Simulation Model (LSM) Prototype

Download the complete white paper to learn more about how OBGYN and family medicine residents evaluated the 2017 Lactation Simulation Model prototype