Breastfeeding simulation in the nurse-midwifery student classroom


Nurses and midwives are critical in the delivery of essential maternal and newborn health services and are critical in strengthening the health system. Comprehensive breastfeeding education should be provided to all midwives to scale up access to high-quality care and improve maternal and child health. (WHO Strengthening quality midwifery education) As the demand for timely and skilled breastfeeding support from midwives grows, educators will need time and cost effective methods for training. A high-fidelity breastfeeding simulator like the Lactation Simulation Model may be able to provide comprehensive training in clinical lactation to midwives around the globe.

As part of two 3-hour breastfeeding workshops developed by LiquidGoldConcept and the University of Michigan School of Nursing, students were asked to provide feedback on the look, feel, and realism of the Essential and Advanced LSM prototypes. Students agreed that the LSMs looked like a breastfeeding mother’s chest both when engorged (6.3/7) and not engorged (6.5/7), but were not sure if the skin felt realistic (4.3/7). When asked about the LSM’s function, the students agreed that the way that the breast tissue moved in a breast pump (5.7/7) and the way that simulated milk was expressed with hand expression (5/7) was realistic.

2017 Essential and Advanced LSM Prototypes

The 2017 Essential and Advanced Lactation Simulation Model (LSM) Prototypes

Download the complete white paper to learn more about the feedback provided nurse-midwifery students on the Essential and Advanced Lactation Simulation Model prototypes