Sample Training Scenarios with the Breast Health Training Tool (BHTT)

We’ve put together some sample ideas of how to use the LiquidGoldConcept Breast Health Training Tool to educate others on important breast and chest health issues.

Sample Training Scenario: Strawberry milk

Discussion topics: Breast tissue. What are some ways to distinguish a raised, pigmented lesion from a benign mole, melanoma, an accessory nipple, or a cutaneous manifestation of an underlying malignancy?

Nipple-areolar complex. What are the implications of a surgical procedure at the areolar
border on lactation success? What are some questions you could ask this patient to better
understand the etiology of her breast pain?

Breast with strawberry milk (Breast Health Training Tool)

Sample Training Scenario: Pain during breast pumping

Discussion topics: Could nipple cream application and a different breast pump flange size, suction setting, or flange type have prevented this situation? What could the mother do to promote healing? Can she continue to nurse or express milk from this breast?

Use the Advanced Lactation Simulation Model (right breast) to practice hand expression.

pain and bruising during breast pumping - Breast Health Training Tool

Sample Training Scenario: Breastfeeding is painful

Discussion topics: What are the determinants of a shallow or deep latch? How can you differentiate between a shallow latch due to poor positioning or a shallow latch due to tongue tie? What would your recommendations be to the mother to promote healing of her nipple?

Practice demonstrating correct infant positioning and attachment on the Essential Lactation
Simulation Model.

BHTT Breast 8
Breast Health Training Tool Curriculum Preview PDF

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