Teach Important Breastfeeding Skills with the Lactation Simulation Models

Hand expressing colostrum

Hand Expression of Colostrum

Breastfeeding initiation in the first 24 hours after delivery is critical to ensuring long-term success. Learning breast milk hand expression with the Lactation Simulation Models builds mothers’ confidence and ensures the newborn is exclusively breastfed from the beginning.

breast exam

Comprehensive Perinatal Breast Exam Training

Physicians and nurses can learn to identify and manage common lactation-related conditions like milk blebs, ectopic tissue, and mastitis. Learning about common, unusual, or abnormal nipple shapes and breast pathologies ensures health providers can help mothers meet their breastfeeding goals.

breast self exam

Breast Massage & Pumping Techniques

Many mothers stop breastfeeding due to breast pain or low milk production. The LiquidGoldConcept Lactation Simulation Model is the only breastfeeding simulator that can be used to practice alleviating plugged ducts or engorgement. Health providers can support working mothers by teaching them hands-on pumping techniques with the Lactation Simulation Model.

assistance latching baby

Practice Culturally-Competent Breastfeeding Counseling Skills

Over half of all infants in the United States qualify for support from the USDA WIC program. Healthcare providers and students need to feel comfortable and confident in their ability to support families from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds.

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Example Scenarios

Hands-On Pumping Strategies for Going Back to Work

Many mothers want to know how to efficiently express breast milk while at work so they can continue to breastfeed for at least a year.

Example Scenario: Your patient is four months postpartum and planning on returning to work in two weeks. She wants to learn about efficient pumping strategies and milk storage options to help achieve her goal of breastfeeding for at least two years.

Potential Settings: WIC clinic, outpatient primary care or pediatric office, community group

Lactation Simulation Model Skills: Breast pump setup and flange-sizing, hands-on pumping techniques

Learning how to use a breast pump

Differential Diagnosis for Persistent Breast Pain

Persistent breast pain during lactation can be musculoskeletal, inflammatory, infectious, or even malignant in origin. Performing a careful breast exam and observing a breastfeed to ensure the latch is appropriate are always good first steps.

Example Scenario: Your patient has been experiencing severe breast pain for the last week. While performing a breast exam, you notice that both breasts have multiple lumps, the left nipple is flat and cracked, and one quadrant of the breast is red, warm, and fluctuant.

Potential Settings: Emergency room, primary care or pediatric clinic, WIC office

Lactation Simulation Model Skills: Assessment and management of nipple damage, breast lumps, and breast pain

Hands-On Training Modules

The LiquidGoldConcept Lactation Simulation Model Case Scenarios are the world’s first comprehensive, hands-on lactation training modules using our breastfeeding simulator. We look forward to your feedback on these breastfeeding education cases.

Our goal is to incorporate our breastfeeding simulators into medical and nursing schools, pediatric, obstetric, and family medicine residency training programs, staff training for the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative, and for parent education in prenatal and lactation classes.

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