What have the LiquidGoldConcept interns been working on?

After 5 months of research, writing and re-writing, we are excited to showcase the hard work of our wonderful interns! If you’d like to listen to them present their work, or check out their posters, you should attend the Inaugural Symposium! We will also webcast the symposium for those of you not in the Sacramento region.

Janeet Dhauna, Sophomore

  • Project: Identifying breastfeeding education resources for fathers

Vanisha Patel, Junior

  • Project: Impact on breastfeeding outcomes when mothers learn about breast anatomy

Jessika Martin, Junior

  • Project: How to explain longitudinal breast milk content changes to mothers

Florrie Zhu, Sophomore

  • Project: Needs assessment of lactation services available to East Asian communities in Sacramento, CA