Welcome, Summer 2016! Lot’s of exciting work planned :)

The inaugural internship is almost over! The Symposium is rapidly approaching–June 24th at UC Davis Medical Education Building.

We have decided to focus on business development and hire a talented group of young women from UC Davis to help us with market research, database development, and health communications–

Orientation is this Saturday, June 10th!


Angela Nguyen, UC Davis Rising Senior, Neurobiology Major

Market Research

The goal of this position is to understand the opportunities at and develop strong collaborative relationships with diverse companies, hospitals, employee wellness programs, and allied health professionals dedicated to improving maternal and child health outcomes. In addition, Angela will build the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Innovation network by discovering and connecting with early and mid-stage startups in the MCH field.

Learning Objectives and Deliverables

  1. Discover and consolidate latest MCH research and innovation
  2. Improve networking, communication, and recruitment skills
  3. Establish business relationships with early and mid-stage MCH companies
  4. Experiment with several customer acquisition strategies to partner with hospitals, employers, and allied health providers
  5. Add to an interactive, user-friendly database





Kirat Sandhu, UC Davis, BS Microbiology (2016) 

Health Communications

Kirat will collaborate with Angela and MCH companies to develop sponsored blog posts, infographics, and videos. This intern will also work directly with Patricia, a mother who has agreed to be featured on our blog throughout the next year as she discusses her experience with MomKit and breast massage.

Learning Objectives and Deliverables

  1. Develop and hone translational research and writing skills
  2. Create sponsored blog posts, infographics, and videos
  3. Interview Patricia on biweekly updates and write blog posts
  4. Write a once a month newsletter to subscribers (MailChimp)

Anita Photo

Anita Gunaseelan, UC Davis Rising Junior, Neurobiology Major

Database Development

The goal of this position is to understand what user feedback to collect and how to analyze it in order to improve breastfeeding outcomes. Anita will collaborate with fellow interns and the LiquidGoldConcept team to learn about database design, usability and development. Anita will work directly on the back-end database of MomKit. Daily activities will involve developing research questions by connecting with health providers, insurance companies, hospitals, and researchers.

Learning objectives and deliverables:

  1. Collaborate on user acquisition database design and development
  2. Assist with development of MomKit database design
  3. Begin implementation of MomKit database
  4. Obtain and integrate feedback on design and usability
  5. Provide recommendations to LiquidGoldConcept team based on feedback




For questions about job opportunities at LiquidGoldConcept, contact Anna Sadovnikova: liquidgoldconcept@gmail.com