Meet the LiquidGoldConcept Team

LiquidGoldConcept was founded by four graduate students at the University of Michigan in 2014 with a passion for improving maternal and child health through increased breastfeeding support. Our CEO realized that simulators are used for clinical skills training in nearly all medical and nursing schools. Yet, nothing existed for realistic, hands-on training in clinical lactation.

In response, LiquidGoldConcept developed the world’s first realistic, wearable breastfeeding simulator, the Lactation Simulation Model (LSM), and the Breast Health Training Tool Collection (BHTT). With no virtual, simulation-based training options in maternal-child care, LiquidGoldConcept created On-Demand Telesimulation™. Our goal is to take the burden off academic institutions, hospital training programs, lactation specialists, WIC staff, healthcare professionals and trainees as they adapt to virtual learning and telehealth practices.

Executive Team

Anna Sadovnikova

Anna Sadovnikova, IBCLC, MPH, MA

Chief Executive Officer

Sam Chuisano

Sam Chuisano, MPH, CLC

Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Plott

Jeff Plott, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Samantha Koehler LiquidGoldConcept

Samantha Koehler, MPH, MSW

VP Operations

Sales and Marketing

Kelly Smith LiquidGoldConcept

Kelly Smith

Chief Sales Officer

Abigail Worthington

Abi Worthington

Director of Marketing & Brand

Gabrielle Brown-Samuels

Gabrielle Brown-Samuels

Sales Development Representative

Nicole Santana LiquidGoldConcept

Nicole Santana

Marketing Assistant

Simulator Engineering

Demetrius Markham

Demetrius Markham

Product Development

Bethany Balint LiquidGoldConcept

Bethany Balint

Animatronics Engineer

Alexis Fioroni LiquidGoldConcept

Alexis Fioroni

Silicone Product & Mold Making Technician

Telesimulation Operations

Corrie LiquidGoldConcept

Corrie Algar

Actor-Educator Operations & Quality Control

Kate Reynolds LiquidGoldConcept

Kate Reynolds

Telesim Operations, Program Engagement and Success

Aviva Pressman LiquidGoldConcept

Aviva Pressman

Standardized Patient Skills Training

Kara Koehler LiquidGoldConcept

Kara Koehler

Lead Curriculum Coordinator

Carolina Cardona Lopez LiquidGoldConcept

Carolina Cardona-López
Lead Spanish-Language Curriculum Coordinator

Telesimulation Engineering

Mark Morton LiquidGoldConcept
Nick Morton LiquidGoldConcept

Morton Technologies, LLC

Front-End and Back-End Development of Scheduler and Learning Management System

Telesimulation Actor Educators, Trainers, and Staff Writers

Telesimulation Grading and Content Development

Research and Business Development

Tara Burt LiquidGoldConcept

Tara Burt, Aria Grabowski, MPH, Kate Capurso

Internal Research & Business Development Team

Advisors and Mentors

Lisa Hammer, MD, IBCLC, FABM

Breastfeeding Medicine

Jeanne Tayler LiquidGoldConcept

Jeanne Tayler, MA

Finance & Business Strategy

Leith-Greenslade LiquidGoldConcept

Leith Greenslade, MPA, MBA

Global Social Impact

George Walls, MBA

Global Medical Simulation


The opinions expressed by LiquidGoldConcept, Inc. in no way reflect the opinions of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, or the University of California, Davis.