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Lactation Simulation Model (LSM)

A Comprehensive Breastfeeding Simulator

Skills to support new parents

Active learning experiences

Health Behavior Change

Our Lactation Simulation Model (LSM) is the world's first comprehensive, hands-on training tool for enhancing breastfeeding education. This realistic breastfeeding simulator can teach parents, students, and health providers how to identify, prevent, or manage over 25 common breast and breastfeeding-related prenatal and postpartum concerns.

Our LSM can be used by:

  • A pregnant mother at a prenatal class
  • A standardized patient for medical/nursing student exams
  • A lactation consultant during a postpartum visit
  • A hospital for Baby-Friendly training requirements

    The LiquidGoldConcept Lactation Simulation Model is currently in use at hospitals, nursing schools, WIC clinics, and community centers around the world.

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