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Very few parents, health providers, and breastfeeding researchers know about the benefits of breast massage.

Together, we can change this.



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We invite parents, lactation consultants, nurses, physicians and other breastfeeding enthusiasts to learn, discuss, and share breast massage techniques.

Unfortunately, there is very little research on breast massage. We've identified more than twenty techniques and we need your help to figure out which technique works best for which breastfeeding concern.

This MomKit is just the beginning. With your contribution, we can develop breast massage tools for mothers, create evidence-based guidelines and educational materials for health professionals, and further breast massage research.

To contribute to the MomKit, you can share your story and participate in user testing.

About Us

Our mission is to support and empower mothers.

From the start, our team focused on improving the breastfeeding experience. Initially, we wanted to redesign the breast pump.

When Anna, our co-founder and CEO, interned in Brazil, she learned about different manual breast massage techniques that can help mothers express milk, increase milk supply, and alleviate pain from engorgement. That’s when we realized that we cannot keep putting technology between the mom and the baby. Instead, we need to initiate a breastfeeding culture shift in the United States.

Our goal is to improve the breastfeeding experience by discovering, testing, and teaching evidence-based breast massage techniques to parents and health providers.

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