Support for Pumping Mothers at Work

Working parents often choose to pump to keep up their milk supply. In Acelleron’s latest Human Resources Report, 90% of 1,500 surveyed said they’re… [Read more]

Nurse helping patient wearing a realistic breastfeeding simulator with wearing a breast pump

Hand Expression v. Pumping: Is hand expression better?

Our CEO, Anna, gave birth to her baby boy in October 2018. She began hand expressing her milk on the go when she… [Read more]

The Recent Spotlight on Hand Expression

Topics surrounding breastfeeding – specifically, hand expression and its benefits – have been popping up in news headlines the first few weeks of 2020. We’re… [Read more]

Learning to Use a Breast Pump: Breastfeeding mom reacts to the LSM

Breastfeeding mother of three talks about her expectations of a breastfeeding simulator before she sees a Lactation Simulation Model (LSM) for the first time. In… [Read more]

Breastfeeding Mother’s Supportive Partner Tries the Lactation Simulation Model

When breastfeeding parents’ partners are knowledgeable and involved in the breastfeeding experience, there is evidence of increased breastfeeding success. According to Effectiveness of… [Read more]

Teach Nursing Students How to do a Breast Exam: LSM Case Series 2.3

Learning how to correctly perform a perinatal breast exam is a critical component o any medical or nursing student’s education. In our case series, we… [Read more]

LSM Breast Exam

“Breastfeeding is Hard”: Grandmother sees LSM for the first time

We invited a grandmother to sit down with one of our Lactation Simulation Models and captured her first impression. In this video, she uses the… [Read more]

Grandmother interacting with Lactation Simulation Model