Lactation Simulation Model Case 2.2

This breastfeeding mother wants to learn how to maintain her milk production while balancing a busy work schedule. Additional Resources for Case 2: Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine (ABM) Human Milk Storage Protocol #8 Principles for Maintaining or Increasing Breast Milk Production – Kent et al., JOGNN

Talking to your kids about breastfeeding

Glenis I hope you have been following Glenis’s induced lactation story with us this month! If you missed the introduction to this series, follow this link to catch up.   Glenis is the mother of an elementary and a middle school aged kiddo, a boy aged 10 and a girl aged 12. Her partner is […]

My Induced Lactation Journey: An Interview With Glenis Decuir

The LiquidGoldConcept Summer 2018 intern team recently had the privilege of interviewing Glenis Decuir who induced lactation to co-breastfeed with her pregnant partner. Glenis is doing this while taking care of her two children 10 and 12 and being at work and school full time. Her goal is to provide nutrition and bond with her […]

Breastfeeding Role Models: Should this job be taken more seriously?

Celebrities can band together with public health officials to promote healthy breastfeeding messages and help families find places to get support.   In a recent Netflix comedy standup special“Hard Knock Wife,” Ali Wong describes breastfeeding as a “brutal  savage ritual.” Ali is one of the few comedians who has included her breastfeeding experience in her […]

Where are the healthcare providers in The LetDown?

Have healthcare providers let mothers down? Photo courtesy of ABC TV It’s hard not to sympathize with Audrey’s (“Aud”) character in The LetDown played by actress and director, Alison Bell. She’s raw, authentic, and the challenges she faces as a new mother are so appreciable that, as a viewer, you feel as if you should […]

Shadi Larson – Intern Introduction LGC

“What IS that?” said the girl sitting next to me at the lunch table. I looked down at my khoresht-e bodemjan (Persian eggplant stew) and then looked to my right at her perfectly cut peanut butter sandwich. I was 8 years old when I first realized that I ate differently from others; homemade stew vs. […]

Brittany McQueer – Teacher, Doula, Public Health Professional

Public Health Breastfeeding

I am a teacher, a doula, and I’m in public health. After spending five years teaching biology and chemistry to high schoolers in Phoenix, Arizona I decided to needed to make a career change. I was very inspired by the teen pregnancy rate in my school and finding a way to make that transition better […]

Intern Introduction – Meghan Watkins

Public Health Breastfeeding

  I am in a time of transition. I decided after spending much of my life believing I wanted to go into clinical care, shifting my focus to population health. I entered undergrad determined to complete a Doctorate in Physical Therapy (PT). I spent countless hours shadowing and over two years of working in respite […]

Support Systems

  Thanks for joining us on this breastfeeding journey with Marian*. This is #4 of 4 posts in this mini-series. As you may remember from the first post Introducing Marian and Kirat of this series, we interviewed a second-time mom and chronicled her breastfeeding journey. Continue reading to learn about her experiences with support systems. […]