February 19, 2018

Lactation Simulation Model FAQ

Lactation Simulation Model Features | What can you learn with our breastfeeding simulators?

The LiquidGoldConcept Advanced and Essential Lactation Simulation Models are comprehensive breastfeeding simulators. Ideal for teaching parents, physicians, nurses, health professionals, and students how to manage breast engorgement, practice hand expression of colostrum, latch newborns onto inverted, flat, bulbous, and large nipples, and much more!


Wearing the Lactation Simulation Model | Build confidence in your breastfeeding skills!

Putting on the LSM is simple! If this is your first time, ask a friend to assist you.

  1. Loosen all of the straps (purple and white)
  2. Buckle the purple straps
  3. Place the LSM over your head, as if you are putting on a T-shirt.
  4. Comfortably position the LSM over your chest. Hold on to the LSM’s abdomen with left hand hand while reaching around with your right and pulling the white strap down to tighten
  5. Repeat previous step with the left white strap
  6. Ask a friend to tighten the purple strap until the LSM is comfortable secured on your chest.


Prepping the Lactation Simulation Model | All our LSMs can be used to practice hand expression of colostrum!

Only fill the LSM with distilled water.

  1. Locate and unscrew the white screw cap on the back of your LSM.
  2. Fill the syringe you received in your LSM tote bag with distilled water
  3. Screw the syringe onto the water reservoir (the lactation circuit).
  4. Compress the plunger of the syringe to fill the lactation circuit with distilled water.
  5. Two full syringes will provide plenty of water for the lactation circuit to function properly.

The LSM may need to be primed before use. You can also use this method to troubleshoot if fluid is not expressing effectively. You do not need to prime your LSM every time.

Priming the LSM Option 1

  1. Hold the LSM vertically (as if it were being worn)
  2. Place hand on the breast in a “hand expression position” and press deep into the tissue to feel for the lactation circuit bulb. The bulb feels firm, round, and is located approximately 3 cm away from the nipple and deep in the breast tissue.
  3. Press on the bulb firmly for a few seconds while keeping your hands in the “hand expression” position. Your thumb and index fingers should be in a “C-shape.”
  4. Once water flows from the nipple, your LSM is primed and ready for use.

Priming the LSM Option 2

  1. Hold the LSM vertically (as if it were being worn)
  2. Attach a breast pump to the LSM and turn it on the highest suction/speed.
  3. Once water flows from the nipple, your LSM is primed and ready for use.


Cleaning the Lactation Simulation Model | Keep the breastfeeding simulator clean so that you can continue to improve your lactation skills!

The LSM is made from silicone, a durable, hypoallergenic material. Stabbing, cutting, scrubbing with abrasive materials (like steel wool), and other puncture-like injuries may tear the skin layer.  Take care not to clog the nipple pores with soap, fibers, lotion, baby powder or other materials.

Wash the LSM using one or more of the following methods:

Cleaning the LSM Option 1.

Lie the model in a sink or other basin and gently scrub (using your hands, a soft sponge, or a soft bristle brush) with warm, soapy water for a few minutes or until you are content with

cleanliness. Wipe dry with a towel or paper towel.

Cleaning the LSM Option 2.

Dampen a towel or paper towel with a liquid cleaning solution or rubbing alcohol and wipe down all surfaces until clean.


Resetting the Lactation Simulation Model | Breastfeeding moms leak breast milk…so do our breastfeeding simulators!

Just like a real breastfeeding woman leaks breast milk when she is engorged, so does our LSM.

To reset the engorgement mechanism, engorge the LSM just past what is physiologically normal. Do not over-inflate the LSM as you may damage the internal parts. This method can help equilibrate the pressure within the circuit.

Another solution would be to empty the LSM and refill with distilled water.

We think that some leaking from the LSM, especially while practicing hand expression or pumping, adds to the realism of the experience. Grab a Haakaa silicone pump or a Milkies Milk Saver and make sure your learners don’t lose a single drop of liquid gold.